The StudentAccess Scholarship is an exciting opportunity available to students currently receiving services from a TRIO program. The StudentAccess Scholarship is a $500 scholarship with no restrictions on how funds are used. 

This is a scholarship based on needed, not GPA, and is designed to give a little extra help to those students who need it most. Nominated students should still be receiving services when the awards are announced. Scholarship winners' name and images could be used in advertising and other materials related to the award. 

Applications must be completed by a sponsoring TRIO staff member. If you know of a good candidate, please download this application and send back to us via email.  We look forward to learning more about the great students out there!

StudentAccess Scholarship Application

Application Deadlines

StudentAccess is awarding TRIO students twice a year, in the Spring and Fall!  Recipients will be notified shortly after the following dates for the fall and spring awards.


March 9, 2018 with notifications by April 2, 2018.