The StudentAccess Scholarship focuses on a student’s needs, not their grades. It's an exciting opportunity available to students currently receiving services from a TRIO program. The StudentAccess Scholarship is a $500 scholarship with no restrictions on how funds are used.

The scholarship is based on need and overcoming adversity, with no consideration to GPA. It's designed to give a little extra help to those students who need it most. Nominated students should still be receiving services when the awards are announced. A scholarship winner’s name and image could be used in advertising and other materials related to the award.  

Applications must be completed by a sponsoring TRIO staff member. If you know a good candidate, please download this application and send it to Any staff member or advisor can nominate a deserving student.

StudentAccess Scholarship Application

Next application due date is October 5, 2018 with notifications by October 19, 2018.
Questions can also be sent to