The StudentAccess Scholarship focuses on a student’s needs, not their grades. It's an exciting opportunity available to students currently receiving services from a TRIO program. The StudentAccess Scholarship is a $500 scholarship with no restrictions on how funds are used.

The scholarship is based on need and overcoming adversity, with no consideration to GPA. It's designed to give a little extra help to those students who need it most. Nominated students should still be receiving services when the awards are announced. A scholarship winner’s name and image could be used in advertising and other materials related to the award.  

Applications must be completed by a sponsoring TRIO staff member. If you know a good candidate, please download this application and send it to Any staff member or advisor can nominate a deserving student.

StudentAccess Scholarship Application

We received another wonderful group of TRIO participants sponsored by TRIO staff for the Spring 2019 scholarship consideration. We find ourselves thankful for the opportunity to give back when we can, and these applicants reaffirmed our commitment to continuing our support to the TRIO community. The scholarship recipients were all notified by email on April 19, 2019. Those who were not selected will automatically be considered for our Fall 2019 scholarship along with any new applicants for the Fall award. That due date is TBD, please check back at the beginning of the fall semester!

Questions can also be sent to