About StudentAccess and Heiberg Consulting, Inc.

Heiberg Consulting, Inc. (HCI), started as an idea between two college students in 1996.  David Heiberg and Tony Golobic were studying at Colorado State University (CSU), and working in the Student Support Services office. That sparked what eventually became StudentAccess, and HCI has been providing products and services to the educational and TRIO communities since 1997. StudentAccess is student and service tracking offering available as both a web-based service and traditional desktop software.

HCI also provides services focused on small to medium-sized businesses, including full service helpdesk, project-based work, and online solutions. In both the educational and for profit markets, the goal for HCI remains the same - help people find solutions. If those solutions do not already exist, we make them.

HCI is a privately-held company located in Fort Collins, CO, not too far from CSU and where it all began. A staff of hard working men and women strive to provide you with high-quality software solutions and top-notch technical support and services.