Self-Paced videos will help you master StudentAccess. Our most frequently asked questions and commonly used functions are found in these videos. Included in your Annual Plan, these videos offer an exceptional, self-paced learning experience for any staff member despite their knowledge of StudentAccess.

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Personal Training

Onsite Training at your location or Classroom Training at our office in Fort Collins, Colorado. One and two day trainings are available for each.

Onsite Training is a one or two day training conducted by a StudentAccess (SA) trainer at your campus.  This is our most hands on, in-depth training option. Choose between 2 sessions and 3 sessions, depending on your staff’s current knowledge level with using StudentAccess. Each session is three hours, scheduled in either the morning or afternoon.

As an additional option, you can also share your training by inviting other schools. This not only reduces costs to you, but allows you to meet other SA users in your area. 

Classroom Training can be purchased in 2 or 3 session increments conducted over one or two consecutive days. Ideal for small groups of two to four people, Classroom Training offers an intimate learning environment.  You are welcome to bring your laptop, or if you prefer, you may use one of our classroom computers. Fort Collins is just one hour north of Denver, so if you plan to be in our area, consider scheduling a training here.


For questions about training or availability contact us at 800.801.1232 or send an email to

Live Web Training

Live Web Training ranges from 1 to 3 sessions, with each session lasting two hours. Depending on the knowledge your staff has of StudentAccess, you can purchase training based on the number of sessions you feel best fits your need:

A One-Session Training can focus on specific utilities or broadly overview the program.

A Two-Session Training will cover the most commonly used features in the program and give attendees working knowledge of how to use StudentAccess.

A Three-Session Training will focus on all of StudentAccess, and will include additional time for questions and in-depth focus on specific aspects of the program.

Conducted over one or two consecutive days, Live Web Training is the best way to control the amount of detail your want covered in your training with the added convenience of not having to leave your office.



For questions about training or availability contact us at 800.801.1232 or send an email to